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Whatever the model or brand of your extinguishers, Groupe S/A offers you a full range of related services. We offer all StrikeFirst brand products that will be necessary for your needs. These products meet or exceed the standards in force and are:

  • • DOT Approved
  • • Simple to use and to maintain
  • • Rechargeable
  • • Built with high-quality materials

Our qualified technicians maintain and install your fire extinguishers in accordance with the National Fire Code (NFC) and also do their work in compliance with NFPA-10 ( National Fire Protection Association). All our services include a certificate of conformity and an unmatched peace of mind.

Fire extinguishers do not have to be brought to our workshop every year. Only if they are empty or if a hydrostatic refill or test is required (usually every 5 or 6 years). If we need to bring your fire extinguishers, Groupe S/A will lend you a fire extinguisher while yours is checked and repaired.